Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I could get used to this...

Addie and Kiersten made a fruit salad with yogurt for lunch this afternoon. They also gave us cheese and crackers, with a miniature cadbury egg for dessert. Scott had surprised us by coming home right before lunch. There was a delay on his current job and he was able to come home and work on his to do list. It was a delicious lunch and there wasn't even a drop of leftovers:).

Elyssia made a cornbread casserole with ham and baked beans for supper. Garrison made a strawberry crisp for dessert. There was one serving of the casserole and no helpings of dessert left. Must've been yummy:).

Caleb washed the dishes and Kiersten was the fisher. I told her to throw them back into his side if they weren't clean. He must be a good washer because there weren't any returns.

I still come up with the ideas and supervise, but it's nice to see them maturing and making meals that everyone enjoys.

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