Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wonderful Day!

Although we had snow, I'd like to declare today as being quite wonderful. We were ready for church about an hour early and we were able to read and feed the baby in a restful manner. Most people were at church and we had one first time visitor! It was so nice to visit with everyone, even though we didn't quite make it around to talk to everyone.

This afternoon we had an impromptu tea party in Elyssia's room. The boys wanted to be included, so we had them be the butlers;). They brought us the most interesting snacks! I have some pictures, but I'm too tired to post them tonight. We also tried to teach the kids how to jump rope when Scott and I were holding the ends and turning it for them. Who knew it was so hard to teach?:) I don't remember how old I was when I learned, but it probably took me awhile too. The point is that they all tried and that, along with learning to do their shoelaces give us some extra things to work on this week:)

Tonight was fairly quiet. The kids were tired, not having adjusted to the non-winter church schedule yet. Kiersten fell asleep on the way to church and Garrison and Caleb fell asleep halfway through church. Kiersten was awake, but managed to sit with Jeanette and then me for the rest of the service without talking too loud. That is a HUGE accomplishment for our little chatterbox. Adelaide was also awake and sitting on my lap. At the end of church Kiersten told me that, "Addy has a loud voice". I find this funny too, because Adelaide wasn't chattering tonight either.

The house is now quiet. The dry ingredients for our pancakes are sitting on the counter and things are ready to go for tomorrow. Praying this week is as good as the last one! I think it might not be quite as busy and possibly more sunny, both of which we can look forward to:)

Off too Dreamland.....

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  1. That sounds like an amazing Sunday! What a gift you give your kids just by taking the time to teach them how to jump rope ...

    Thank you and Scott for your faithfulness to the Lord in your church and community and family. What a powerful example you are setting for all three.

    I hope that today is just the start to a wonderful week. xo