Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A dead mouse!

The only kind of mouse that we don't like to see dead in our house is the "computer" mouse. Last night I went to update the blog and the arrow wouldn't move. I think God knew that I could use a good night's sleep after the kitchen day's baking;).

The new schedule is awesome! The kids are much happier and the mama is too;). I started getting up at 6 to make sure that I have some quiet time to read my Bible, pray and prepare for the day. I guess the kids can sense that because they're waking up earlier too! I'm honestly not upset about it though. We make the best of it and I can take the time to read the Bible to whichever one(or ones) that are up to join me. Last night I made Scott's lunch because I've realized that it's easier to get him out the door in good time if that job is already done. I might have one of the kids help me each evening from now on. They love to each take a turn with each chore, especially when it's for the first time.

Each child has something that they help to put on the table for breakfast and they make sure that they don't go empty handed. We've had a more enjoyable time just eating and visiting, knowing that when we're finished eating Daddy or mommy will read a story or passage from the Bible. Scott's been teaching them about Spiritual Armor and last night was the helmet of Salvation. The fun thing is that the kids beg him to keep going, but it's working in our favour to keep them in suspense:). We then have about an hour and a half to clear the table, do dishes, get dressed, brush our teeth, commb our hair and make our beds. If they get done quickly then we get to use the extra time to read books or play together. I have to say that they're getting faster and faster. I don't mind, as long as they do their best job.

School starts at 9 and we usually try to work for 1 complete hour before we take a break. I have one child help with making the mid morning snack and one help to entertain the baby, if she's not sleeping. We're trying to get her to sleep from 9-10:30, which is usually long enough for us to get the school subjects that require more of my help out of the way. On laundry day we all took turns putting in laundry, switching it over and bringing it up when we heard the timer. It worked really well and all the laundry hampers were completely empty before supper time.

We try to have lunch right at 11, if we finish eating and dishes by 11:45 we head out for a 15 minute walk. This fresh air and walking has been helping the kids to fall asleep faster at noon. I'm trying to let them sleep no longer than an hour and a half, but if they seem especially tired I won't wake them up with the others.

I usually try to get at least a 30 minute rest time, but on Baking day I used it to work on a couple more things for us to bake. The kids each took turns helping with a different kind of cookie or muffin and they each got to test taste the finished product:).

The afternoon time from 2-4 is spent finishing up school(if we didn't finish in the morning), tidying up, if needed, reading together or doing more chores. If we really don't have anything else to work on we'll go outside and play or go for a walk on nice days. Maybe do some gardening. There will be plenty of weeding and watering once we plant the garden.

If I haven't started supper in the crockpot earlier in the day then we will start our dinner prep around 4. Each child takes a turn being my helper, setting the table, etc... Garrison and Caleb are learning fractions because I ask them for certain measuring cups and spoons. They're getting better each time:). Today Caleb even "read" a story to Elyssia and Garrison while they did the dishes! I'm letting them rotate that "chore" so that we all take turns with washing and "fishing" the dishes in the rinse water. So far I'm the one that puts the dishes away from the dish drainer, but as the kids get taller, it'll go into the rotation. Sweeping is also on rotation. Elyssia even got to use the steam mop for the first time. Garrison was begging to do it too, so I'll have to let him try it out on Friday. Caleb part of the living room for me and does quite well for his size.

Today is "Office Day". We will write letters, make cards for people, tidy the office, put recycling into the van and pack the diaper bag for tomorrow. We spent most of our walk looking for milk jugs and bottles that had blown away on our property. It was great fun for the kids and we have a van full to take in tomorrow. I've decided to let one of them help take them in and give each of them 10 cents since they did a lot of the work finding the ones outside. The next step is to teach them about splitting it 3 ways. 10% to the Lord, 50% to save and 40% that it's okay to spend. They already know that we're saving for a trampoline, so any money that I've been giving them they've been putting right into their piggy banks. It will be interesting to see how quickly they can fill them. Elyssia is saving up for a new bike and is doing quite well.

Well, I think that about catches us up with the past couple days. Very busy, but very enjoyable. I'll leave you with all the fun pictures now:

cute chocolate mustache:)

Have you read "The Littles"? We have a couple!

This one found a use for his tail:)

They're good helpers!

Someone found a pop gun:)

One handsome pirate
I think this one totally looks like a pirate;)

Enjoying their snack outside!


Happy Helpers!

Watching Baby is a fun chore:)

Checking to see if the light goes off when you close the door. They had fun cleaning it, then we had to take a picture because I'm not sure how much longer they'll all fit in there:).

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  1. What awesomely wonderful days you have in your home--all living for Jesus! I admire you greatly and I know you give all the glory to God! Amen!