Thursday, April 26, 2012

Adventures Unlimited

This week it seems that we've had quite a few:) I think the kids favorite one was the ferry ride. Some of you are probably thinking, "don't they live in the prairie?" Why, yes we do:) This ferry crosses a river and can take 6 cars at a time. I think it;s usually only one though:))).Here's a few pictures to remember it by:

It's quite pretty over there and I'm looking forward to going back with Scott and maybe camping at the campgrounds over there. Taking the day to hike around in the sandhills and see what kind of treasures we can locate.

We've made a bit of a switch with our schedule. We made have office day Tuesday, Town Day on Wednesday and Baking on Thursday. This means we can go in sometime before prayer meeting, have our errands afterwards and get home in time to make supper. If we're really on the ball, it'll already be ready in the crockpot:). It worked REALLY well this week and it seems like the kids do better each week. They know more what to expect and what I expect of them.

Today we were able to make Farmer's Friend Cookies, Toffee Bars, Cinnamon Buns, Blueberry Muffins and then Pizza for supper. We had to sample some of each and I think the Farmer's Friend Cookies are going in the regular rotation. We finished things off tonight by making a batch of playdough. I let the kids play with it a bit before bathtime, but I'm hoping to keep it as motivation for them to finish cleaning quickly. I'm looking forward to finishing our school week and getting a day off on Saturday. The weather has made a major change this week. It went from sunny and hot to super windy with a bit of rain. It was definitely perfect for baking today. It kept us warm in the house and the kids didn't complain about staying in because it wasn't sunny.

One more thing before I sign off for the night. Scott's been explaining how different bullets are made and how they work to the boys. Today, Garrison came out and showed me something he thought up. He put 4 little Lego in the barrel of his pop gun. When he shot it they sprayed out like a shotgun. I thought it was pretty creative of him:).

Happy Friday Tomorrow!!!

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