Sunday, April 8, 2012

Short, Quick and To The Point...

It's late and I should probably just leave this for another day, but I wanted to write a couple things down before I forgot them.

Today in Sunday School we were choosing animals that would have been on the ark for our song. Garrison picked a beaver(what sounds do they make?), Caleb picked a chipmunk and zebra. Garrison's second animal was a porcupine and then Kiersten took the prize by choosing a skunk(both times!) So it was a stinky ark with lots of teeth marks and Noah and his family probably got stuck by quills a couple times:) Whatever happened to the horse, pig, etc... I know they do it for my benefit though. They know I like to laugh a lot:))).

This afternoon we stayed at the church and tried to keep it as low key as possible. Elyssia asked me to read Alexi's Secret Mission(about a boy helping to smuggle Bibles to other Christians). We ended up reading the WHOLE book! Garrison really enjoyed it and the younger two probably heard close to half of it. I'm so thankful that our kids love to read and that they are also interested in reading about other kids that choose to serve the Lord. Don't get me wrong, we do like to read Franklin and other kids books, but it's nice that they also choose biographies and character building books when given the chance.

We taught the kids how to play Mother May I this evening. When Garrison became the one giving instructions he told Garrison to take 6 "pole" steps. Caleb looks at him and says, "What are pole steps?" Garrison replied, "You take a step and wobble from side to side, then take another one, etc...." I totally give him points for creativity. Elyssia told Caleb to do 5 sommersaults. We totally thought that would get him close enough to touch her. Little did we realize that he would do sommersaults in a circle and not end up any further ahead than when he started with the first sommersault:). That kid cracks me up!

In church this morning, Kiersten did quite well, but at one point she looks at me and says, "He's(Jace) looking at me!". I whispered yes, she smiled at him and life went on. Her newest thing to say is, "what's that noise?" It's usually the furnace or the wind, but she is very curious...

Tonight Caleb and Kiersten weren't getting along as well and I told them that we would have to stay in the car instead of getting to go visit at Caleb Village. Caleb was very upset with me at first, but I explained how quickly someone could get hurt if he and Kiersten weren't listening and told him that I would tell him stories instead. For the next hour I told him stories about when I was a kid and also about when my dad was growing up. They loved it and kept asking for more. I think it was one of the most enjoyable hours I've spent with those two. Sometimes there are things I think are an inconvenience or unpleasant, but the Lord turns it into something quite nice. This was definitely one of those times.

I guess this really wasn't short or quick. Once I got started writing I realized how much we really did today:). Tomorrow is a full day, plus the Ladies Bible Study in the evening. I'm off to get some much needed sleep! Remembering and being thankful for yet another day to serve our RISEN SAVIOUR!

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