Monday, April 2, 2012

Mundane Monday?

Not a chance! Today was sale day at Extra foods... I was awoken by Kiersten's smiling face and bear hugging snuggles. She promptly informed me that she was a gram-daughter, not a gram-boy. I'm quite sure that she was thinking of our friends, the Grahams when she said it too, cause the kids call them the Graham boys and Graham babies:). We headed out by 7:30 and had one of the best trips ever:). Elyssia pushed Adelaide in the stoller and she was smiley and talkative all through the store. Scott had a job today, which threw us right into the thick of "normalcy" Nothing like going from 7 adults keeping the kids busy to 1 mama. I have to say that I think it went amazingly well. It really seems like Spring is here and after the younger ones had a nap and Elyssia finished her school work, they headed out to play. The washer and dryer have been my busy little helpers today and we've gotten most of the house back in order. We had leftover enchiladas, so I decided to tackle another item on my 30x30 list---Pavlova. Scott came home in time to let me know if it looked like it should. We just finished eating it and I have to say that it was definitely worth the time it took to make it:). Scott has been reading "Homer Price" to us tonight and he's over halfway through the book. The kids really like it and keep asking for more! I have to say that I'm enjoying hearing it for the first time too. After hearing of Homer's adventures while working at his parents "Motel", we started discussing what it would be like if we opened up something like that. I half jokingly suggested that we have Preston build a bunch of Yurts, have Grandad secure them to cement pads, have a different decor inside of each of them and rent them out to people passing through. We thought it would help once we have our U-Pick up and running and we could also sell pasties, jams, syrups, etc... The kids jumped right in with their suggestions. It's really just talk, but it's kind of fun to think about. Maybe when the kids are older... They could have their own little businesses on the property;). Here are Before and After Pictures of the Pavlova, but don't blame me if they're in the wrong order. Blogger likes to mess with things...

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