Saturday, April 21, 2012

Unexpected Blessings...

Tonight Scott and I were blessed with the opportunity to go to a special supper. We had Adelaide, but a couple in our church kept the other 4 for us:). The food was delicious! We were at an awards banquet and we had an interesting time getting to know the people at our table. One of them was a neighbor a couple miles away. Two years ago her husband drowned while they were on vacation. I'd dropped off a box and card, but never really got to meet her face to face. I'd forgotten that Scott took Elyssia to the funeral, until this lady mentioned it. She said that her best memory from the funeral was when Elyssia, who was 4 at the time came up in the line and talked to her. She said that the others did their best to cheer and encourage her with their words, but Elyssia was what she needed that day. A little girl that didn't know her, but came up and talked to her and told her all about her brothers and puppy. It's amazing how the Lord can use us and our children in the life of other people without us even realizing it. Praise the Lord! This week was fairly busy, which I think you can probably tell from my lack of posts. We got quite a bit accomplished, thus making me a bit more tired than usual. The Lord blessed us with some gorgeous sunshine today and it felt WONDERFUL! Scott's been getting things set up in his greenhouse and we're looking forward to planting our garden next month. It will be in a new location and we will be planting quite a bit more, which is kind of exciting. Bedtime should be a bit earlier tonight. It's always good to be fresh for Sunday:).

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