Monday, April 2, 2012

Mass Exodus

By Sunday we were down to 3 visitors. We'd gone to A&W after the photo session on Saturday, so Preston helped me assemble enchiladas to take to church for lunch. We had quite a bit of rain on Sunday, which I think ended up keeping people away. It was kind of quiet, but a good Sunday, overall. Darlene offered to teach the kids their Sunday School story and let me have another week upstairs:) Adelaide was sleeping, which made for an ideal situation. The kids LOVED it and I think they were ready to replace me after she got done. Darlene said that they kept begging her to read more of the Bible stories and they ended up reading 3:) That's okay with me. I LOVE that our kids LOVE Bible stories! You won't catch me complaining:). Kiersten fell asleep while sitting with Uncle Preston for lunch and slept through the whole thing. She woke up just a little bit before it was time for them to leave. There was much sadness at their departure, but also much thankfulness for such a nice visit. The rest of our day was pretty quiet and low key. The kids slept really well that night too, which made for happy parents.

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