Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Quick Thoughts

-Kids help us to have a merry heart. We sure have laughed a lot since the Lord blessed us with children. I realize that children can also break their parents hearts, but we're praying for the first case scenario.

***This morning Garrison was still asleep when we sat down for breakfast at 7. I made a comment to Scott about it and said that maybe he was having a growth spurt. Elyssia quickly responded, "I'm gonna wake him up! I don't want him to get taller than me." The funny thing is that she was totally serious. She doesn't want to sleep extra, but I reminded her that sometimes she sleeps late too when she's having a growth spurt. It's God that determines how fast we'll grow and we need to leave it in his hands to decide our stature, etc... She said okay and went back to eating. Garrison made an appearance shortly after that:).

***It was another sunny day today, but there was quite a bit of wind. We spent the morning doing laundry, schoolwork, housework and enjoying Baby Ada, who's become quite the entertainer. She's pulling herself into the sitting position in her swing and chattering away to anyone who will listen. She loves to eat her fingers and allows copious amounts of drool to fall from her mouth. I'm sure someone will correct me if copious wasn't the right word;). I've never really had a baby that drooled like her and I'm interested to see if it helps her get a tooth easier. She's getting faster and faster at rolling over and even attempting to try to pull herself forward. Her smiles are like sunshine and we all just soak it in throughout the day. Even the boys are drawn to her. I hear them exclaiming as they kiss her, "I just love you Baby Ada, you're so cute".

***This afternoon we had some friends over to play. Scott unexpectedly had a half day, so he came home before heading to town and took Caleb with him to run errands and finish some work at the church. I honestly believe this helped our time with friends to be much quieter:). The kids enjoyed playing together. We tried to fly Elyssia's kite, but we were having trouble getting it off the ground. We decided to just swing and play with the wagon instead. The time passed quickly and they had to go home to meet their daddy.

***Scott arrived home right around 5 and had a package for me. It was a baby sling that a friend had made and sent as a baby gift. I immediately put it on, put Ada in and she LOVED it. She talked and smiled at me as I was preparing supper and it really seemed to get more comfortable the longer I wore it. Supper went quite smoothly and the kids went to bed without too much fuss. Scott is close to finishing the Homer Price book. I think the kids might ask him to read it again once it's finished:) They're just soaking it all in.

***That about sums up our day. Scott has been out walking Sam for the past 1/2 hour and should be in soon. I'm off to finish folding the laundry mountain and to take the brownies out of the oven. I'm picking up a lady from church tomorrow and bringing her out to visit with us at the farm. The kids are looking forward to it and I hope the lady enjoys it too:).

Til next time...

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  1. Since our month in India I feel dreadfully out of the loop! Am looking forward to catching up with you and your little family over the next week. I love your new pictures! xo