Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Loss Amidst The Blessings

The loss of a couple animals wouldn't be too big of a deal to many farmers. However, it matters quite a lot here at Hidden Hollows. We don't have all the answers for why the Lord would allow this right now, but we trust that He knows best. That His ways are better than our ways. That His plan for the year ahead is much better than our own. As we look back, we thank the Lord for the many wonderful memories we have with Blackie and Clover. We thank the Lord that we were able bottle feed them when they were young. That we were able to see them give birth and take them through the milking experience. We thank the Lord that Blackie was able to give the milk that Admiral needed, when his mama didn't have enough. We thank the Lord for the life lessons that the kids have learned through taking care of them. We thank the Lord that we still have 2 does left and look forward to meeting their babies. We are trusting the Lord to watch over them and their deliveries in the next week or so. Whatever comes, we choose joy! We choose to praise the Lord! We choose to be a thankful people!

the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord. Job 1:21b

Another blessing amidst the loss was seeing the compassion of the children. Concerning the animals and concerning the sibling to whom the animal belonged. To see them trying to comfort one another. Crying with one another and seeking to encourage one another. Reminding each other of great memories and things they had to be thankful for. Growing up is often hard to do, but it is a beautiful thing when the Lord is invited to walk beside us.

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