Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Lessons On The Farm

The Lord allowed us to experience another "difficult farm lesson" last week. We were looking forward to the birth of the first baby goats. However, Blackie, started showing signs of "pregnancy toxemia". She had it 2 years ago and survived, but her babies weren't healthy enough to survive very long after the birth. Garrison was devastated to lost Calico Kate and Jack. This year he was excited to meet her new babies. Scott had medicine for her "just in case". He gave it to her as soon as she started showing symptoms. She seemed like she would pull through, but when he went in one morning he found that she had passed away in the middle of the night. It was sad on so many different levels. Even the other goats looked sad. The children took it hard, but it was a blessing to see the other children as they sought to comfort Garrison. Kiersten offered to give Garrison one or both of her goat's kids. Once again, it was the Lord working in and through the children. Bringing out the best in them. He helped them to think of many things to be thankful for, in spite of the loss. We had a fun time just thinking back on Monica's kindness in giving us the three bottle babies and how much fun we had feeding them every day. Watching them grow and become mothers for the first time. Memories of the milk Blackie blessed us with and the yummy cheese it made! We are also thankful for the other three goats and look forward to seeing their babies born. Praying that the Lord will watch over their deliveries and give us wisdom as we seek to care for them as well as we can.

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