Wednesday, March 22, 2017

10 Things or People We Praise The Lord For

10 Things or People We Praise The Lord for through Scott's accident and recovery time:

1. A lady from church picking up the children from the hospital, feeding the supper and keeping them until Scott could pick them up that night.

2. It was 2 fingers on his left hand instead of his right hand.

3. Scott's parents coming to help until I got back from California.

4. The dr. who performed the surgery.

5. Scott only lost the end of one finger and nicked the second. *it could have been far worse!

6. God's provision while Scott was off work for the month.

7. The children taking over most of the chores.

8. Extra FAMILY TIME while he was recuperating

9. The concern and prayers of family and friends.

10. A good assessment by the surgeon yesterday, March 21st.

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