Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Answered Prayers At The Dentist

Kiersten's 2nd Dentist Appt. took place on the 10th. The memory of her first visit-a tooth pulling experience-almost did her in. She still did very well, in spite of the tears falling while they worked. We prayed beforehand that they wouldn't need to pull the 2nd tooth. Praise the Lord, they were able to put in a filing and it looks like new. Kiersten took her stuffie, Josephine, to help her be brave and it did kind of take her mind off the work sometimes. The dentist and her assistant were amazing and I would highly recommend Dr. Muzzina to anyone needing to take a child to the dentist.

I thought that I had a tooth break a week prior to this. They were able to get me in and they didn't need to do an x-ray because they checked and it was just a hard piece of build up that had come off. They scheduled me for my first teeth cleaning in 10 years. Yes, it is a long time. However, all the pregnancies, etc, have to be taken into consideration. I prayed that the Lord would be merciful and HE truly was. They cleaned my teeth and said that there was only 1 small cavity that was starting up in between 2 teeth. They said that if I brushed and flossed really well it might stay small and not be an issue. They will check it in 6 months, but that's a miracle of the Lord in my book. All the throwing up during pregnancy has probably taken it's toll on the whiteness factor, but it was a blessing not to have a bunch of cavities to deal with.

We are also thankful that we were approved this month for a dental plan. It doesn't take effect until Spetember, but it should help in the future with the expense of braces for a couple of the kids.

Another blessing is that the other kids have become more diligent about brushing several times a day, instead of just once or allowing themselves to "forget" sometimes. Finding things to be thankful for in EVERY situation.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

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