Thursday, March 30, 2017

Above and Beyond

The last couple days were ones where the blessings definitely outweighed any of the things that might have gone wrong during the day. It started out with Squash Bread

because we currently had no bread in the house. Thanks to my mother in law, I had the pureed squash to make this bread, that has quickly become everyone's favourite! I had been thinking about making apple pies with the abundance that one of my brother in laws provided on their last visit. The kids were eating them quickly and I wanted to make some before they disappeared:). So, it seemed like a good time to have Elyssia make her first batch of pie dough and follow through on the recipe from start to finish, with minimal help from me.

She did awesome and they tasted better than mine:). I just realized that I didn't take the final pictures. The one with the crumb topping and then the pies fresh out of the oven.

Kiersten didn't want to be left out and Elyssia offered to let her use some of her dough. Kiersten's miniature Raspberry Pie was also delicious!

Then I realized that I hadn't used the cherries that I took out and thawed in the fridge a couple days ago. Those were made into Cherry squares.

I was thankful that the eggs had been washed the night before because there just wouldn't have been enough time to do that and have them delivered by 11.

The little girls were washing dishes and setting up for a luncheon tea party

The boys asked if they could put together the new "rock hauling" cart.

The young men actually followed the directions and needed only one dilemma solved during the assembly. Pretty good for a 9 and 10 year old:).

Thankfully Scott came home for lunch, since I had a luncheon scheduled with a friend from church. We had a lovely time and came back to find that Elyssia had taken care of baking the Canadian Harvest Bread and they were cooling on the counter.

I had a few things to pick up before heading home and found an especially good sale on little boy's suits. Sam got 2 new suits for $7. They are normally $25 each. Praise the Lord! He loves wearing suits/ties and they are not something that we usually find at the Thrift Shop.

The afternoon was spent cleaning up and washing dishes, which is to be expected after such an epic day! We were thankful that supper was already in the crockpot and didn't require any extra time or work to complete.

The days of thankfulness continue with another beautiful sunny day! Yesterday was an unusual school day. Today our regular school schedule has resumed and I'm wrapping this post up so that I can call the kids in from their lunch break. Only 3 more subjects to go through and they can enjoy playing outside til supper.

Happy Thursday!

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