Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Los Angeles, California

A long awaited trip and Caleb's 1st plane ride. I believe it was all he was anticipating and then some. On the first flight one of the flight attendants took him to meet the pilots before the other passengers boarded. One of the pilot's let him wear their hat and showed him the cockpit. Pretty neat, eh/ Lillian did quite well on the flights, but was definitely happy to get off the 2nd plane. Caleb really enjoyed "meeting" his Uncle Luke, Auntie Jessie and cousins. He has not memory of our trip that we took to Georgia the month he turned 3.
Unfortunately Lillian decided to be clingy. It took several days before she let me out of her sight without crying. She learned how to climb stairs there, loved playing at the beach and enjoyed following the dog, guinea pig and bunny that they had in their house. We are thankful for safe travel, great memories, awesome food, and so much more. We enjoyed going to the beach, meeting their church family, playing games with the family, seeing a lighthouse and so much more. We're thankful that God was looking out for Scott and the other kids while we were gone. There was an accident on the Monday before we returned. You can read more about it in my next post, entitled, "Text Me".

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