Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 3rd

Our day was filled with reading, hot cocoa, sugar cookies, cleaning up Lego, cutting snowflakes and just enjoying being at home.

Perhaps I should try teaching Kiersten how to hold scissors properly. She's left handed, like Elyssia, and we're still learning how to help them with certain challenges they have. They do quite well, considering that Scott, Garrison, Caleb, Adelaide and I are all right handed:).

We also had haircuts for 2 shaggy boys, trims for little girls that had hair in their eyes, a warm bath for the little people and snuggles with more books to finish it all off. We missed having Scott home this evening, but we're sure that he enjoyed some nice food at the Legion Christmas Party!

Tomorrow we'll share pictures of yummy treats that we're baking for the neighbors!

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  1. Why does your post say January and not December?