Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 7th

Today felt like an exceptionally good day. Elyssia and I sang our first duet at church and we hope it was a blessing. It was fun to sing together, even though I was quite nervous. We were singing acapella and I thank the Lord for giving Elyssia an ear for music at an early age. She can match what I'm singing quite well and is working on singing the higher part for some other songs that we're singing as a family. It would be wonderful to have a pianist at church, but we thank the Lord for helping each of us to do the best we can and for creating each of us with a love for music!

This afternoon Scott taught the boys to play "kick the can". Elyssia and I made polar express hot cocoa and popcorn. We painted some Christmas pictures and enjoyed reading almost a complete book together tonight. There are 22 chapters and we're at chapter 18:). Thankfully it's a 5 in 1 book about Mr. Tucket. We really like it and look forward to seeing what happens to him as he goes through his journeys.

Addie and I also enjoyed reading The Legend Of The Candy Cane book together and sharing candy canes with the siblings after they came in from playing outside. I love how the simple things mean so much when they're little. Some people hate the snow, but I love that it means more snuggle times with the children and that life slows down around here. When the weather is really nice we have so much on the go. Winter is our extra "bonding" time:).

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