Friday, December 19, 2014

December 18th and 19th

We delivered these Christmas Goodies to the Police, Firemen and The Clinic.

Caleb Had an accident and had to take it easy(spool knitting:).

And Helping bake...

Some other cute helpers showed up...

Kiersten was making the cowboy cookies that we got at the Rast Christmas Party on Sunday. They're very yummy! Caleb made mint brownies, which were also delicious:).

There was more secret gift making...

Today we made these:

The last two pictures are extra from yesterday.

Last night 4 more of the kids came down with Caleb's cold. Garrison is the last man standing... We're going to take it easy til Christmas and hopefully they'll all be back to normal by then. We're supposed to sing at Caleb Village on Sunday night, so I'm hoping we're good faster than normal. If not, Scott and Garrison might have to sing a duet.

Looking forward to seeing all the in-laws for Christmas!!!

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