Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 8th

Laundry Day! I'm sure everyone looks forward to that day during the holidays:))). Just kidding. We started off the day with an experiment-Gingerbread Pancakes. It was a yummy experiment! Elyssia was the only one that said she really didn't care for them. There was a lemon syrup that we could have made, but we decided to stick with regular. I was skeptical when I heard that it didn't have any sugar in the recipe. It had molasses though and that was actually good enough. I think it would have been too much to have more sugar and then the syrup on top. I think we'll add it to our Christmas countdown list for next year.

We worked through the school assignments as quickly as possible and finished right around lunchtime. That gave us a couple hours to read and have a short nap before heading to Walmart.

Scott had the shift from 12-4 and Elyssia, Samuel and I were from 4-8. When we arrived we found that they'd double booked us with another volunteer. We talked it over and he decided to come back at 6, so that we could go early. It was very nice of him and turned out to be a blessing. Samuel was cheerful and happily ringing the bells for the first hour and a half, but then started to get squirmy. We made it through the last half hour and I think people that came by to see him contributed quite a bit:). I think the 4-6 timeframe is the busiest. Most people getting off work and it seemed like the checkout area was constantly busy. That was good for people donating too! We had a bit of time to pick up milk and a few little gifts before heading home.

I took some pictures, but they're on my cell phone, which means they probably won't make it to the blog:(. I thought of the other camera half way to town and didn't want to turn around.

So, it was a pretty great day. We finished 2 of the Tucket Series books and we're eagerly anticipating finding out what happens at the end of his journeys!

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