Monday, December 22, 2014

December 21st and 22nd

I'll do a quick post tonight, due to the fact that I really need to get some sleep!

Yesterday we had a wonderful day at church and traveled through "blizzard" like snowfall in order to go to Caleb Village. We left an hour early, which gave us time to take it slow. It was really dark and we thought about turning back at one point, but then the Lord brought a big truck along that made tracks for us to follow. The snow wasn't as bad in town and the kids enjoyed driving around to see all the Christmas lights/decorations that people had up. We had a great time singing at Caleb Village and we're thankful that the Lord helped us through. They just love seeing the kids and sharing snacks with them afterwards. Samuel was especially entertaining and we ended up staying longer than usual. Thankfully the drive home was better. There was a tow truck pulling a vehicle out on the other side of the road about halfway home. We thanked the Lord that it didn't look like they were hurt(no ambulances) and that He had kept us safe going both directions. We figure that we got around 2 inches of fresh snow.

Today, Scott went in a little later than normal and that gave the snowplows a chance to clear our roads. We spent the day cleaning up, reading and wrapping presents. We received a surprise box from one of my sister in laws too. It contained homemade almond roca and Peppermint Patties. I'm seriously considering hiding the almond roca so that it lasts longer:).

Well, I did say I'd do a quick post. I might have one or two more posts this month, but we'll be enjoying time with family, starting Thursday, and I don't plan to try writing while we're together.

Just in case...

Merry Christmas From Hidden Hollows!!!

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