Saturday, December 6, 2014

December 5th and 6th

Our special activity last night was watching "The Christmas Candle" movie together after filling up on homemade pizza and banana ice cream! It was nice to just relax after the big baking day and week of school.

Today Scott had a funeral to attend, a family to visit and some studying to do.

We had a nice time reading together once our housecleaning was complete. We finished reading "Addie's Long Summer".

I made a pumpkin "log" for the first time. I've made a jelly "roll" once before and I think I have to vote the pumpkin log as my favorite right now. It's hard to beat the flavors of the pumpkin, spices and cream cheese filling. It didn't look as pretty as some pictures I've seen, but the taste was better than I expected.

The kids had a lot of fun playing outside:

The last picture is the "baby" snowman that Caleb and Addie built:).

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