Friday, July 29, 2011

Car Wash Anyone???

Today I didn't have as much on the schedule and made the spontaneous decision to wash the van. The kids thought it looked like a lot of fun and asked to help. Anything that includes water they're usually quick to volunteer:). Here are the pictures:

When I previewed the post I noticed that they put the pic of the clean car first. That was the finished product and it was really dirty when we started. Not bad for a pregnant lady and 4 little kids, eh? I think there was at least a bucket's worth of water on the floor from the sink to the door too, so the floors got a bit of a bath as well.

Elyssia wants everyone to know that she lost her 3rd tooth today. This was the first one that Scott got to pull out. She tried to get me to pull it out yesterday, but it just wasn't ready. It came out just before Theo left, so Elyssia had to go show it to him:). We're down to one visitor, but he may have a lead on an apartment in town. There is a vehicle on it's way here for him as well, so hopefully we'll have things back to normal sometime next week.

The in-laws are coming today with plans to build the swingset structure for the kids. There's a lot of excitement around here! A lady in our church also volunteered to pick up a load of sand for the sandbox. This is going to be an epic weekend. Did I mention that we have missionaries too? Life's never boring around here:). Til next time...

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