Friday, July 15, 2011

Sore feet

This past week I've had very sore feet, but at least it's just due to being on them all day:). Today was no different. It started off busy and has just started to slow down, as the children fall asleep.

Scott headed out in the morning to study at the church and pickup the church freezer around noon. I stopped in this evening to put some things in it and it sure is nice:). We can have ice cream socials now:). Or just have ice cream to go with the pie at a potluck. For now it's jam packed with all the baked goods that he took from our freezer. I needed the room to store the ham, turkey, buns, etc, for this week.

I spent most of the morning working on a surprise for Scott. He's been wanting to get his office clean and organized, but with all his other work it just hasn't happened. So, after about 2 hours I was able to vacuum the floor and actually found most of the missing office supplies:). The rest of the house was clean, so before he got home I had time to cut and insert the tent meeting invitations into the tracts. Their going to try to go to some of the surrounding town during the week and invite them to the meetings and church. We've made quite a few contacts the last several weeks and quite a few have said they'll try to make it to at least one of the nights. It's encouraging and we're praying that the first night will just make them want to come back and hear more. God has a way of working things out that way. My dad said that he would just go to one church service with his sisters(so that they'd leave him alone) and he walked the aisle that Sunday and got saved! I'm so thankful that his sisters(and God) didn't give up on him!

Around 1:30 we headed to town to go to a friend's Epicure party. We wanted to stay longer than the hour and a half, but we had a long to do list. First it was to the post office to mail a box of prayer cards the missionaries left at the motel. Then to pick up the key to the Kinman park bathrooms. Next it was posting a flyer by the dollar store. Registering the two older kids for the summer reading program at the library. Picking up a milkshake to perk us up:). Picking up hams from Co-op. Picking up pictures from WalMart(I finally got some of the Georgia pictures printed:)!!!) Then the second to last stop... The grocery store... There were a lot of things to buy for the week ahead and it was good that I had Elyssia with me because I needed two carts. She helped push the one until it got too heavy. She gave it her best effort, but was having a hard time budging it:). So, we managed to get out of there and stopped at a friends to call Scott and see if he wanted us to drop off food and the key for the people bringing the tent. They were running late, so we dropped off the ice cream and put the baked goods in the church freezer before heading home. I was very happy to come home and see that the house was still clean! Scott and the kids helped me to unload and put things away and now the day is almost finished. After devotions Scott headed into town to meet the man and help him get his motor home hooked up. I imagine that he'll be home before 10. Hopefully we can get a good night's sleep, since tomorrow starts early. I'm not sure how long it will take to set up the tent, but they're starting early. I'll take the kids in and make lunch for the workers. Then it's back home to give some kids a nap and hopefully have a somewhat relaxing afternoon. That about sums up our day. I think I earned the sore feet:).

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