Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We are truly having an amazing week. The preaching has been wonderful, the extra fellowship has been awesome! Making new friends and spending time with my brother has been so much fun. I'm thankful that we have a couple more days because I never want this week to end! I know it has to, but we're trying to make the most of every day.

The first night we didn't have as many as we hoped for, but it was HOT!!! Like 100+ and we didn't have fans or anything to keep us cool in the tent. We made it through and the sermon was totally worth sitting through the heat for. There were 2 first time visitors, but the one that touched me the most was a little boy and his puppy that stayed from the beginning to the end. We prayed that he would come back last night, but the weather was the exact opposite, so we understand his staying indoors. We finished just before the rain started to pour. There was thunder and lightning near the end, but it was another sermon well worth staying to the end for. There were 2 different first time visitors and they really seemed to enjoy themselves. I think we had close to 30 last night, which was quite good, considering that about half our regular church people weren't in attendance. We've continued to make contacts and today they'll hand out more invitations and hopefully I'll reach a few more on the phone. Last night my friend Karyn came all the way from Three Hills to play piano for us. It was SO nice:) Nathan sang "How deep the Father's Love" and I just about cried. It is such a powerful song and the message of all that He gave for us is so amazing! There are several more that we're praying will come tonight. It just seems to get better and better and it's hard to wait all day to get back to the tent:).

The meals have gone really well so far. Praise the Lord!!! Today is Lasagna and Scott's mom volunteered to take one to the church because Prayer Meeting is at noon at it was a little complicated to try and get them out here for lunch, then back there to pray, then back out this way to hand out invitations. Praising the Lord that my in-laws are here to help! They're the best in-laws a girl could ask for:). The kids are doing pretty good. They're enjoying all the company and Elyssia is busy making little cards and gifts for them through the week. I have to find my camera and show the sewing basket that she made with Nana the other day. It's too cute! She also made a little coin purse for Karyn and did a good job with the stitching.

Another praise was that yesterday when I was being pulled in three different directions. The kids wanted to be at the park, but I needed to help get the snacks prepared and also make sure that Karyn had what she needed... My friend Jeanette came to the rescue. She was at the park with her kids and she volunteered to push the kids on the swings so that I could be in 2 different places before the meeting. It was a Wonderful Blessing!

So, tonight the weather should be just about right. We came home last night to a bit of water in the entry because it had poured down so hard and washed through a little crack at the bottom of the door. It could have been worse though. Another friend had water come in and go down the stairs to their basement! I pray that it didn't take too long to clean it up.

We were able to have a nice visit with Karyn this morning and she will play the piano tonight before heading back to Three Hills. Getting to spend time with Christian friends down here on earth just gives us a little glimpse of what it'll be like when we get to Heaven. Visiting with friends and family from long ago and then friends of today will be icing on the cake after meeting my Lord and Saviour! Getting to spend eternity with them. Makes me ache for the friends that aren't saved. Oh, how I want them to be saved. To be able to keep them as friends for eternity, rather than just for the short time that we live down here on earth. As Bro. Webster has been preaching it's brought back many of the passages in Revelation about the end times. I shudder at the suffering and pain that the lost will go through during the Tribulation, but even more so when they face eternity in Hell. Not because they're really bad people, but because they choose to reject God's offer of salvation. There's still time right now, but His offer won't be around forever. So thankful that our parents accepted the Lord as Saviour and that they taught us about the Lord. There is no greater joy than knowing, loving and serving the Lord!

Another HUGE answer to prayer was one that I included on my prayer list on the side. Bro. Fountain had Stage 4 Lymphoma. We just got an update from him today and after 4 treatments they can't find any sign of cancer anymore! That is AMAZING! Praising the Lord for that and many other things. I'm going to add another request to the list, but I wanted to put it in the post, in case you never see the other. It's for Karyn's dad, Bro. Ironside. He has an appointment with a pulmonary specialist and they think he might need to be on oxygen. Please pray that he would be strengthened and have at least a couple more years before that is necessary. He is such a sweet man and we pray that the Lord gives him many more years with his family and friends.

That about wraps it up for now. There is so much going on and I'm sure that I've forgotten to include some things, but mostly I just wanted to take time to thank and praise the Lord for his mercy and goodness!

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