Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Barely standing...

Actually I'm sitting down to type this post:). I can barely stand up right now. Who knew weeding could make a person this sore. Oh, maybe it's also the 4 trays of cinnamon buns, 2 pies, meatloaf supper, loads of laundry and playing with the kids. A combination I'm sure. Getting to eat some of the cinnamon buns was far more rewarding than weeding though;). I tried a new recipe today. This one rose perfectly and tasted better than any of the previous ones I've tried. I'll have to post the recipe with the picture I took sometime. Too tired tonight and waiting for Scott to get back with our other guest, James. The "men" are tired tonight too. They were using the jackhammer on a driveway all day and it definitely takes it's toll on a person.

Kiersten has a new favorite person: Theo. She calls his name and follows him around, whenever he's not carrying her:). I'll have to get some pictures. He went out with the older 3 to the "African Jungle" and played Lego, so he's at the top of their friend list. We're so blessed to have friends that love to play with kids:).

That's it for tonight. Not bad having too posts in one day, but I'm definitely ready to turn in for the night. Looking forward to some much needed rest...

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