Friday, April 7, 2017

The watched goat...

never delivers? Something like the old saying, "the watched pot never boils." This has definitely been our story with the goats this year. Checking frequently. Nothing... nothing... nothing... MAAAAA!!! That was actually like music to Scott's ears last night. He'd gone to check one last time before heading to bed. He quickly came to wake up a few helpers. The first little one was doing well. The second should arrive soon. Or so we thought... An hour later we were still waiting. The 3 of us took a turn reaching in to see if we could feel the little hoofs. Not so easy and not a delightful experience. Sadly, the second one appeared to be coming out breach. It's water sack must have broken ahead of time and it was stillborn. There was unexpectedly a 3rd little one that came barreling out in it's sac! Thank you Lord! 2 Healthy little bucklings! Here are a couple pictures of the children enjoying the newest arrivals:

Praying that Mocha starts to perk up soon. Thankful for Garrison taking extra special care of her. He has made dozens of trips to the barn to check on her, give her treats or boosters.

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