Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Another Blessing!

Our family was pleasantly surprised last night by the announcement that Saskatchewan Libraries will be getting their full funding. There was a decision made to drastically cut the funding, in order to help balance the budget. We are thankful for a government that seeks to do so and respect their right to make hard decisions like that. It was going to reduce the available reading material, but we left it in the Lord's hands. The kids said they were thankful for all the books they'd already had the opportunity to read through the interlibrary loan system. We thanked the Lord for all the money we've saved over the years with homeschool supplements, etc... We left it in the Lord's hands and continued on as before. So, the reversal by the Government is yet another unexpected blessing! We thank the Lord for a provincial government that still listens to the concerns of the citizens. It is a rare thing these days...

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