Monday, April 24, 2017

Samuel's Prayers

Recently, Samuel(3) has been asking to pray at church, at home and sometimes at bedtime. Sometimes he wants us to pray for him, but lately he's been wanting to talk to God. His first couple times praying he wanted us to tell him what to say. The last time he just started praying, "Dear God, please help my baby(Lillian) get saved and me get saved, Amen" This is not him getting saved, but it is a blessing to know that he wants God to know that he and Lillian need to do so when they understand:).

Tonight he prayed, "Dear God, please help the chicken to get better, Amen". It is very nice of him to pray for the chicken. It was limping and the two older boys decided to put it in our chicken "hospital" to see if it can get better with more rest and a break from the other chickens. We'll see. It's a blessing to see that someone loves the chickens for something other than the meat and eggs they provide:))).

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