Thursday, April 20, 2017

Busy Bees!

Scott went to preach in Prince Albert, SK recently. The family that he stayed overnight with, gave us a juicer they didn't use anymore. There are two things about it that are extra special> First, I have wanted to get one for a couple years, but never set aside the money to buy one. Second, it is the same kind of juicer my parents had when I was growing up. We made apple juice first, then we added some carrots. I remember drinking fresh carrot juice when I was younger and it was pretty good! Nothing like the stuff they sell in the store. The kids LOVED the apple juice and thought the mixed one was okay.

Fresh Apple Juice and Homemade Banana Bread must be a good snack before the big Semester II History Test!

Sourdough Bread Rising! Forgot to take a picture after they baked. God made 3 of them rise especially high this time. The fourth one didn't get it's fair share of dough:)>

Then came the Farmer Friend Cookies for dessert!

The Grand Finale was the Pioneer Cinnamon Buns that we personalized. A sticky bun topping to replace the usual icing! Breakfast was especially enjoyable the next day:).

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