Monday, February 2, 2015

Accepting a Friend's Challenge!

I'm thankful for an amazing husband and six little people that keep me on my toes every day:).

I'm thankful for money to buy a Yukon full of groceries each month!

I'm thankful for all of us enjoying our first grapefruit this year. Yes, even Samuel loves grapefruit:).

I'm thankful for all the amazing ways we get to serve the Lord and all the ways that He shows us that He cares about us everyday.

I'm thankful for the natural skating rink that the kids get to enjoy in our field.

I'm thankful for fresh eggs every day!

I'm thankful for a cupboard full of baking supplies, because I love to bake:).

I'm especially thankful for the freedom to be a Christian. There are so many who are persecuted and put to death simply because they love the Lord and want to share Him with others.

I'm thankful for the ability to read and share books with our children, especially the Bible!

I'm thankful for the quiet drive to town where I was able to just talk to the Lord and be reminded of how blessed we are!

How's that Jersey Mama???

Anyone else that wants to join in on the challenge should just try to post at least 1 thing that they're thankful for each day:).

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