Sunday, February 22, 2015


Today I'm thankful that the Lord allows us to minister together as a family. It's neat to see the kids singing out when they know the words to the hymns, which is becoming a lot more frequent as they get older. Singing specials with Elyssia and staying afterwards to enjoy a meal and extra fellowship with visitors or young people.

The blessing of a phone call we received yesterday. A Filipino lady is moving here from Saskatoon for a job! The Lord provided a place for her to rent and she arrives on Saturday:). Looking forward to meeting her and seeing how we can be a blessing to her. She's been attending a Baptist Church in Saskatoon, which is how she knew to contact us.

Looking forward to getting some sleep under warm quilts tonight. Addie had a late nap on the way home, so she's been holding out on falling asleep. Hoping she'll be fast asleep by the time I finish this post!

I'm thankful for the sermon Scott preached today. There were parts that were encouraging, challenging and also eye-opening. It's been amazing to see how the Lord has directed Scott over the years and grown him as a preacher. I can't even imagine having to prepare one sermon a week, let alone, 2-4, depending on how many extra devotions he's doing during the week. Plus our morning and evening devotions as a family! We have the extra blessing of getting to ask him questions at home too:). We finished studying Nehemiah in evening devotions and now we're starting Revelation. It'll be interesting to see what the kids think about things once we've read through the whole book, stopping to explain things along the way. They're like sponges, just soaking it all in.

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