Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thankfulness Days 17,18

Yesterday was another whirlwind kind of day. We had family here in the morning and saying farewell in the afternoon. This made at least one little girl rather sad for the second part of the day. Thankfully we get to look forward to another visit with family in March, so that's not too far away.

I'm thankful for the blessing of a new couch! I know I should be posting pictures, but I haven't taken one yet:). The second blessing was the "new friend" that helped pick it up. Our truck doesn't get used in the winter and we were really thankful Sam helped us out! It'll take awhile before I get used to seeing 2 couches in our living room. We've had our current one for at least 10 years now and some thoughtful people told us that it was time for us to get a new sofabed:).

I'm thankful for milder weather that the kids can play outside in today.

I'm thankful the kids were motivated to finish their school quickly today!

I'm thankful for my roses, Kiersten's roses and two "almost blooming" flowers with all their cheerful colors.

I'm thankful for the abundance of hugs that my children offer me:).

I'm thankful for libraries, that allow us an abundance of books to choose from, for free!

I'm thankful for friends near and far...

I'm thankful for hoodies(they're so comfortable).

I'm thankful for this acreage. It gives the children plenty of room to run around.

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