Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Thankfulness Day 25

February is almost over and the day is gorgeous and sunny. Okay, it was -17 when I took the kids in for an appt. this morning, but it seems to be warming up quickly!

The amaryllis is getting ready to bloom for the 2nd time since Christmas.

Our Valentine roses have dried nicely and are still bringing us great enjoyment!

Laundry was only 3 loads, instead of 5, this week!

Enjoying the smell of a chocolate zucchini cake fresh out of the oven.

Garrison measuring in the 85th percentile for height today. The nurse said his weight was a little low for his height, but we think he's just fine.

Caleb is in the 50th percentile, but is just right for his weight.

I'm thankful for his infectious giggle that got both boys through their shots. Only one more for each of them in September and then they are done for several years:).

I'm thankful the Lord blessed us with great family on both sides. There are lots of jokes about bad in-laws, but I love mine and I'm thankful they live close enough to visit. Now, if we can convince all my family to move to Montana, we'd have it made. Totally kidding about that one, but at least they'd be within a day's drive of us. Maybe the Lord will put us close together in Heaven:).

I'm thankful for the amazing husband the Lord blessed me with! He came and took 4 of the kids so that they didn't need to be at the appt. for the boys. It made our appt. more relaxed and we probably finished a bit faster without the extra activity.

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