Monday, January 26, 2015

Just Busy...

I've not been much of a blogger lately. The days seem to go so quickly, with helping everyone to get their schoolwork done, food prep, keeping Samuel out of the bathroom... The weather has been fantastic and I had some kids with no shoes on, wearing shorts outside! I've reminded them that Spring is still several months away, but they're thoroughly enjoying the warm weather and having most of the snow gone.

We've had a couple of encouraging Sundays at church this year. Some people coming more regularly and others who it seems come, just to encourage us every so often. I've been blessed with the opportunity to sing with Elyssia and another friend recently, in addition to our family special. It's hard to describe how much of a joy it is to sing with our little people. To see them excited to sing hymns and other songs to the Lord. We have a couple shy ones, but they're singing out more at home and showing better memory of the words in family devotions.

We had a bit of extra time with Scott this month, which always makes for more excitement around here:). He was able to help Caleb with his first Carpentry project. I haven't taken a picture since they completed it, but will try to do so pretty soon.

We're eagerly anticipating the arrival of a special gift. The dealership let us know last week that the tractor was just about ready, so hopefully they'll be delivering it sometime this week:). It was such an unexpected blessing, that somehow still doesn't seem real. Caleb and Scott have seen it though, so it's not just a "someday dream" anymore. It will be such a blessing in so many ways and I can see it freeing Scott up for other things, due to the reduced manual labor for many necessary jobs around here.

We had a wonderful time at Caleb Village last night. I'm not sure who gets the bigger blessing when we go there to sing hymns with them. They're always so excited to see us and the kids are equally excited to be there. It really makes us want to go there more, but that's something we'll have to pray opens up for us, since the schedule is not up to us.

I think there are probably more things I could catch up on, but I should finish up a couple things before it gets too late. Thanking the Lord for HIS many blessings and encouragements this year. He's used several long distance friends to be such an encouragement to us and we're excited to see what the Lord has for us in the days ahead!

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