Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fun Projects and One Little Climber

#1 is our favourite climber and he's very proud of his little perch! Reminds me of a picture where Scott spoiled Preston's picture by climbing up in the same chairs. I didn't stage this, just noticed what he did and had Elyssia take some pics.

#2 is Caleb with "Joshua", his lego friend. He built this guy with Garrison's help and Kiersten is "photobombing".

#3 is our "Edible Igloo". It's an apple covered with peanut butter and marshmallows. Yummy!

#4 is One of the original window frames from our room. I painted it and added hooks for our hats. LOVE IT!

#1 is the Second Original window from our room

#2 is a flower that we got from the in-laws

#3 is one of 3 little curtains(valences?)that I made from a thrift shop fabric find.

#4 is our "upcycled" message board. I used a broken spoon holder and broken dowel, plus a half used roll of butcher paper. I'm quite happy with the end result!

This last picture was one of Scott's projects and one of mine. He put up the peg board as my Christmas present and My mother in law supervised me making my first jumper! I love how the peg board allows me to have things handy and the sewing projects are definitely faster because of it. So thankful for my amazing husband! This jumper is for Kiersten, but she hasn't worn it yet. She's too in love with her 2 outfits from her Auntie Darlene. She's hardly worn anything else since Christmas:).

I also had an unexpected blessing on Sunday. A friend was downsizing her "quilting fabric" and gave me close to 3 Rubbermaid Totes full! I think this is my "lifetime supply". I'm thinking of Patchwork skirts, jumpers, pillows, curtains, purses, pillowcases and quilts in years to come. Lots for the girls to learn on and also to share with my in-laws:). The Lord has used so many to be a blessing and this is another example of Him giving above all that we ask or think!

We were also blessed by all those who were there on Sunday,the Prayer Meeting and being able to serve the Lord as a family. It's a pleasure to spend our lives serving the Lord and we pray He opens many opportunities for us to be a blessing in the days ahead.

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