Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

We had a very enjoyable day today. The kids were great helpers overall and it was a lot more fun to spend the day planting the garden together than watching Scott do most of it himself. We've all learned a bit more each year, which made it nicer this year. There is such a variety out there and Elyssia discovered that there is a bit of color on some of the flowers that they planted for me! Awesome!

I got an area of my garden prepped and Scott put in most of the strawberries we ordered. We won't get any til next year, but it will be something to look forward to:) We'll also put some dill and parsley in there, which will make weeding it a bit easier for me...

The kids enjoyed the weiner roast and the older two decided that they needed to eat one marshmallow for each year old that they were. That made 7 for Elyssia and 5 for Garrison. It was a hardship, but they stuck with it to the end;). Garrison told Scott that he couldn't do it for his, cause he'd have to eat, like 22 of them! That's a compliment. Scott turns 35 in July:).

A couple highlights for me were cutting the potatoes and then tossing them to the boys to put in the holes. Their giggles were priceless. Scott teaching the boys what to say if a girl flatters them when they're older. The boys had a lot of fun with that one:). Hearing Adelaide say "Dada" for the first time. At least that's what it sounded like. The kids all thought so too. Having Caleb ask me why I had pigtails in my hair and then telling me that I looked like a little girl when I wore them. He gave me a hug and said, "I love you". So sweet... They all were, actually. I really think that spending all this time with them seems to increasing their love and appreciation for us. Some would think it a hardship to have their kids do so much work, but when we do it together, it becomes an adventure and a memory for the future. They love hearing our childhood stories and those of Nana and Grandad. I think they're storing up these memories for their kids, when that time comes.

Baking day included one batch of English muffin bread and some angel eggs. We were enjoying the day outside and I should have time to make the saskatoon muffins sometime in the next two days. That was really the only other thing on my list. Pretty good, eh.

Well, it's almost completely quiet around here. Little ones in bed. One still reading, one requesting one last book. Then off the dreamland with one less thing to complete on the list and dozens of fun memories that I may just dream about tonight:)...

Three more sleeps til the big adventure...

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