Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blogged Out...

Not really.... I think it's the nice weather calling me out and all the extra activity.

Yesterday was particularly busy. We all went into town together for the day. Scott has been working about an hour away, so he figured that it wouldn't work to go out there and try to get back for prayer meeting , then drive all the way back. It would be a LOT more driving time.

THE big stop was at the Optical Store. Scott's been needing new glasses for awhile now, but we had to get a new prescription, then make the time to pick out frames. Yesterday WAS that day. NO, we did not take all the kids in:). I went in and picked out several frames for him to try on. The lady was really nice and told me to take them out to the car to see how they looked, then come back in when we picked one. She also offered to do a second pair for half price. We thought it would be good to have a spare, just in case something happened to one pair. He's had his current ones for at least 4 years and they had dings in the bottom part of both! It reminds me to be thankful for good eyesight...

It was a perfect day for being outside and Scott had the kids help him plant some more trees when we got home. Sam stuck around for most of it, but then decided that a certain red car was too much of a temptation to resist. Scott saw what he was doing and told him to stay. Sam's disobedience almost cost him his life. I was preparing supper and looked out just in time to see him slide in the gravel beside the car. The car kept going and Sam slowly made his way back to the house. Scott came running and looked him over. At first we thought he was probably okay, but seemed to be favoring one side. Scott headed back to the field only to be called back when Garrison noticed that Sam's leg was dripping blood. I found a thin towel and wet it to use as a bandage, but it kept bleeding. Scott also noticed that his nose was dripping blood. He and Elyssia drove Sam to the vet. Thankfully all he needed was some stitches in his leg. He's taking it easy today and we're just praying that he's learned his lesson and will stop chasing cars now.

We finished out the day with baths for all the kids. They've definitely been earning those baths since the weather turned rainy, then sunny:)

Today has been fairly quiet, especially considering yesterday. We've done chores, baking and finished with most of the schoolwork for today. I've been trying to double up the batches of baking in order to have extra for our vacation. We're planning to do LOTS of picnics avoid eating at restaurants as much as possible. We'll have plenty of snacks and fruit so that the gas station stuff doesn't look so appealing:)

I'll leave you with a couple cute pics:

My newest kitchen helper! Pretty cute, eh?:)))

Posing for a picture after she caught me watching and taking pics!

I made these homemade ice cream cups the other day. It's Skor cookie dough that I baked in a muffin liner and tin. They turned out really well and seem to hold up fairly well with the ice cream in them. We also tried them holding pudding. Yummmmmm...

One more picture of Princess Drools A Lot, or Princess Chatterbox:).

I just realized that I don't have any pics of Kiersten in this batch. Will have to get some this afternoon:).

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