Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot...

I think that perfectly describes today:). I actually had the kids bring our fan upstairs, opened windows and turned on both ceiling fans. We spent the morning getting through all the schoolwork, then headed into town for prayer meeting. It was really cold in the church basement, so we sat on the back steps of the church for our prayer time.

We stopped in at Extra Foods for some last minute items that we'll take on vacation or eat before then:). Scott wanted to have a weiner roast before we go, so I think we'll do that tomorrow night to celebrate after we get the garden in. I should probably make some jello with marshmallows in it too, as a special treat for the kids.

The kids were pretty tired on the drive home and most of them fell asleep, but didn't stay that way once we got home. It was kind of a long afternoon, but I'd made the pizza dough before we left for town and we worked on that together for supper. Scott came home around 5 and had the strawberry plants that we ordered. They're soaking overnight and that will be one more thing to plant in the morning. Another friend asked if we wanted more raspberries, so those were also brought home. Tonight a different friend called to see if we wanted more raspberry plants, so we'll be going on Friday to pick those up and maybe some cherry bushes too:). More work weeding, but more delicious fruit to preserve for the winter! Our blessings are overflowing tonight...

Scott took the kids outside for a bit tonight. That gave me a bit of time to lay down and rest with Adelaide. Some people get their burst of energy from the sun, but I find that it wears me out faster. I have energy to burn in the winter when it's cold, so I try to get lots done then. Looking forward to a nice summer. Hopefully not an extremely hot one.

We found out tonight that my doctor is moving to North Battleford. Her husband has a new job there and she's going to transfer her practice. Sad to see her go. It was really nice to have a Christian Doctor for awhile. I know that she will be a blessing to the people there though and pray that another Christian Doctor will move into the area soon.

Well, I really should call it a night. I still have some laundry to fold and I think it's going to be a long, busy day tomorrow. Planting the garden, cleaning, a bit of packing, etc...

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