Sunday, May 13, 2012

An Amazing Day!

This morning I was given a homemade card by the kids and enjoyed being in the middle of the group hug:). We were greeted early by the bright, warm sunshine and Elyssia offered to water the flowers before we left. She ended up watering the porch to...

This morning Adelaide got her first ponytail and all the kids were excited to wear their sunglasses. I was going to post pics, but then I realized that I opened it in the wrong browser. Most of you can see the pics on facebook, but if any of my readers would like to see them on here, please leave me a message...

We were heading in for Sunday School when we smelled natural gas. There had been some men working on it on Friday, so Scott called them to come check it out. They managed to take care of the problem before main service and the kids enjoyed having me teach them about the Prodigal Son at the park:)

There was a girl, I won't share her name right now, who visited our church today. She came here from the Philippines and hasn't been here very long. She is a bit shy, but would like to help out with the kids, teach them to sing and play her guitar, like she did back home. She specifically told her work that she needs Sat and Sunday off so that she can be in church. Only time will tell, but it seems like the Lord is starting to answer some of our specific prayers for more helpers in the ministry. She was very involved in her church in the Philippines and her pastor told her to find a good church as soon as possible and get involved. Thank you Lord for the many people serving the Lord around the world, witnessing to the lost and training them to do the same.

I requested prayer earlier for the special I was singing in church. I had practiced it many times while feeding Adelaide and getting her to sleep, but never while holding Kiersten... I went up to sing and found that I had a little shadow. At first I just held her hand, but then I picked her up and she quitly hid her head in my shoulder while I sang. I just prayed that the Lord would use it to be a blessing, even more so when I didn't have as much volume, due to holding 25 extra lbs:). It was going okay until close to the 3rd verse, some of the ladies tears got me a little choked up as I started thinking about it in relation to my own mom. I'd thought of it before, but tried to push those thoughts back a bit, not wanting to cry. It was okay though. Having our children there with us, helping to minister to others made it the best Mother's Day so far!

We came home to find butterflies all over our new garden. They seem to love it:) We had hot dogs, homemade potato chips and oatmeal cookies for lunch. A short nap, a history lesson and now we're heading out to enjoy the sun. We'll head back to town in a little while for the evening service and then Hymn Sing at Caleb Village. Only a week til our Family Vacation!:)!

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