Saturday, February 20, 2016

Thankfulness Day 20

Thoughtful spouse and children. A couple times a year Scott starts the 1 on 1 outings with the kids. For 6 weeks he reserves part of his Saturday schedule and takes them out individually. This week it was Caleb's turn. He enjoyed spending time with Daddy, but didn't forget his siblings at home. He came home with a present for each of them:).

The Lord's faithfulness. He's always there for me and His love and care is amazing!

Fresh snow. If it's going to be cold, it might as well snow and cover up the bare trees and muddy ground:).

My mom calling last night.

A family to clean up after. Life would truly be far less enjoyable without each and every one of them.

Samuel's ability to make us all laugh. His latest is walking up to us and saying, "Hi 'nana peel". It makes me chuckle just typing it. He has such a cute little accent when he says it too. Not sure why he started it, but it's not really a derogatory thing when he's talking.

A husband who's not a picky eater.

Getting to go to church, Heritage Manor and Caleb Village tomorrow! It will make for a long day, but we usually come home feeling greatly encouraged after doing services with the elderly in our community.

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