Wednesday, February 24, 2016

21,22,23 and 24

Sunny days for the kids to play outside this winter.

Being over half-way done with this school year!

Kids that took care of all the laundry this week!!!

Exciting things to look forward to this year.

My 3 brothers that continue to amaze me by all the Lord has helped them to accomplish in this life so far!

The prospect of spring:).

The creators of LEGO. Although I'm not fond of picking them up, they have provided hours of creativity for our kids.

The anticipation of looking through all the new library books Scott is bringing home tonight!

Those who have taken the time to write the history lessons in such a way that our children look forward to learning about it every day!

Caleb's new glasses not being as expensive as we thought they'd be...

The grocery savings program at our local grocery store. It has saved us thousands of dollars over the past (almost) 13 years!

Our oldest being thoughtful enough to make tea for her younger siblings last night.

One of the mildest winters we've had since we moved to Saskatchewan.

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