Monday, November 10, 2014

Some Winter Decorating...

Some of these decorations are for Christmas, but some are just to celebrate the snowfall and change of seasons. Some of the things I did are simply to try to keep the house warmer. The kids were wondering why I had to cover several windows. I miss the view out our bedroom window, but it's definitely nicer to be toasty warm at night because it's covered. I think we'll still do a bit for American Thanksgiving, but for those who always wait til after American Thanksgiving, I'm really not rushing it. We'll set up our tree after the American one and put up lights around the same time. Some instrumental Christmas music may be playing, but trying to save the others til later. So thankful that my brother is back with his family in time for all the holidays!

The winter scene quilt was a thrift shop find, which we all love for different reasons!

Credit for the sheer curtain go to my mother in law. I think she found it at their opportunity centre. We were given the king size bed by a friend recently and we're slowly finding ways to incorporate it into the room better. The headboard is just two free pallets and the sheer curtain makes it a bit dressier. The poppies are for Remembrance Day and also adding more red to the room(Scott's favourite colour). He put his name in for a draw at the greenhouse a couple years ago and won the picture above the window. The snowflake sheet helps alot with keeping the drafts from chilling the room too! We had the pics of the kids on the mantle, but needed to move them for other decorations. I like to put them where everyone can enjoy them, but will have to do a collage in the entry later on in order to keep the mantle clear for seasonal decorations.

Another non decorational item that I found at the Thrift Shop was an old fashioned 5 quart ice cream maker. We have a kitchen aid one, but find that it doesn't make quite enough and never any leftovers. So, when I saw this one I called Scott to ask what he thought. $10 isn't that much and I was sure that we'd get at least that much use out of it:). So, we tried it out on Sunday evening and everyone thought it was a huge success. Each of us were able to have a second helping, if we wanted, and there was still a carton worth of leftovers. We had some tonight after supper and several of us thought it was even better than the first time. The consistency was so creamy and didn't have the icy "ice milk" taste that many homemade varieties have after being put in the freezer.

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