Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Politics and more...

Our prayers for the U.S. elections were answered last night! We realize that this won't solve all their problems,but perhaps there will be some good changes. Praying for more men to stand up for what's right and also in support of Israel. We really need stronger leadership during this time and pray they do more than "talk" All in all though, we place our trust in the Lord to see us through the days and years ahead.

We are very blessed to have Prime Minister Harper and pray the Lord strengthens him to deal with things in the days ahead. May we offer words of comfort and hope to those around us who are fearful, in light of recent attacks. May we stand strong and never forget those who have sacrificed and those who sacrifice today in order to preserve the freedoms that we have today. So thankful for my family and friends past and present that have served in the military.

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