Wednesday, November 26, 2014

If the snow...

Comes in November...

Your kids may start build an igloo...

Then come in for cocoa and a story.

If you read them Farmer Boy they may ask why you don't make donuts.

After you've made them donuts they might ask if you're ready to crochet lines to attach their mitts.

While you're crocheting the mitten lines

Your sweet little 10 month old may have some fun:)

Which may inspire you to put this outfit on him!(which you just happened to find at the Thrift Shop last week:).

While you are searching for missing mittens you may come across the baby books and think, "no time like the present to bring them up to date".

While you are down there you might just figure it's time to get started(and complete all the Christmas Sewing Projects.

When you emerge from the basement, after cleaning it up, you may ask yourself how the week went by so fast?

You will most likely be greeted in the hallway by one, or more children asking you to read another book, make another snack or wondering what you're making for supper.

They somehow think that our kitchen table should always look like baking day:).

Happy To Be Hibernating With Such A Busy Little Bunch!

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