Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Resurrection Sunday

I'll admit that this isn't going to be the happiest post you've ever read. The in-laws arrived after we'd battled several different flu bugs. We were excited to see them again and prayed that no more flu bugs would hit. We'd sanitized the place and washed all the laundry several times. Kiersten had the last bug and we thought we might be okay. Lo and behold, Kirk came down with the flu on Sat night. He stayed home, while the rest of us went to church. We were having potluck after church and enjoyed visiting with those that were able to come. Kirk and Darlene headed home that afternoon, still not feeling that great. The next 3 to go down were Scott's parents and Garrison. Garrison's was very short lived though and he blamed it on eating too much at potluck:). Nana and Grandad headed home on Monday and we proceeded to wash the bedding from downstairs and try to get back into a routine. It all seemed good until Scott and Garrison headed to Prince Albert for a Preaching Conference. We were good all that day, but that night it hit me like a train wreck! I have to say that the first one was pretty mild in comparison. I'll spare you the details, but I was very thankful to have Elyssia here to help with the other little ones. She was a wonderful blessing to this very sick mama. She took care of Samuel in between his feedings and thankfully none of them got this 3rd strain of the flu. I still believe that our blessings from Easter weekend outweigh these experiences though and thank the Lord for being with us through it all. Here's a family picture from church:

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