Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Great Appreciation...

for my husband!

During Scott's 3 and a half day absence I gained a greater appreciation for all that he does around here. I haven't had to deal with mice bonking or disposal for quite awhile. It was a necessity during his absence.

The oven quit working the day after he left... Not a pretty picture when you have hungry little ones. Thankfully I had some bread in the freezer and a couple loaves of quick bread that my mother in law had brought a couple days earlier. We managed to make it through fairly well, but the children were definitely disappointed when the cupcakes they'd put together didn't cook, which made them inedible. It still isn't fixed, as we're waiting for a visit from the repairman, but we're managing fairly well. We attempted a skillet dessert and failed miserably. So, we'll stick to crockpot meals and desserts, which we are more comfortable with after the past several years of practicing at potluck!

My cell phone was having trouble keeping a charge and texting, but people at The Source were able to fix the first issue. The second issue was just a lack of technological savvy on my part. So thankful we didn't have any trouble with the landline while Scott was away.

We had the blessing of one sunny day during his absence, which made outside play a wonderful boost. It took the kids minds off missing Daddy...

Some chickens escaped!!! There were 5 that made a run for it sometime between breakfast and lunch on Friday afternoon. Thankfully Elyssia caught 2, Caleb caught 2 and after praying Caleb and I were able to recover the 5th one:). I'm really thankful for the net that was brought out by the in laws. It made catching them so much easier than last year when they were all in the bushes!

Last, but not least, I had to make a run in the dark with Elyssia and Skye to close up the greenhouse and turn on the heat. It completely slipped my mind after finding the chickens, feeding the kids supper, doing devotions and putting them all to bed. So thankful for Elyssia's helpful attitude when I woke her up and also for Skye, who made us feel a lot safer whenever we heard noises:). She went off barking one point and we thought it was probably a coyote. The rest of the time she stayed right next to us.

Thankful that Scott and Garrison were able to have this time away and come back refreshed by the preaching! Thankful for the 2 friends that Garrison made in Prince Albert. Thankful for their safe trip there and back through rain going and snow coming back.

Thankful to God for His many blessings!

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