Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just one more soul...

Last Wednesday I had the joy of leading Kiersten to the Lord! We've clearly seen the Lord working in her life, convicting her of her sin and need of salvation. It wasn't something that we kept bringing up or tried to convince her of. She's bring it up almost every week and sometimes several times a week! It wasn't that we wanted to put her off and keep her from getting saved, but we wanted to make sure that she understood as much as she could at this age about sin and true repentance leading to salvation. She was the one that insisted she was a sinner and that she needed to get saved. She wanted to make sure that she was heading to Heaven. She wondered why we wouldn't let her pray and get saved. She became quite persistent about it:). So, last Wednesday Kiersten told the Lord that she was sorry for her sin, asked him to forgive her, let him know that she believed he died on the cross for her sins and asked him to come into her heart. It's not like there was an overnight transformation, but we can definitely see some little changes. A brightness and cheeriness, where before she could be a bit more melancholy. A tenderness when she doesn't treat others the way she should. This past week she's been quicker to apologize when she wrongs someone and a desire to pray for the salvation of Addy and Samuel. There truly is no greater joy than seeing our little ones come to have a personal relationship with the Lord!

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