Thursday, July 18, 2013

Truly Thankful

Last Sunday night we had something quite rare happen. We went to the evening service at church and , although we knew 2 families wouldn't be there, no one else came... We were kinda disappointed, but Scott was also relieved that we would get home before the tire on the van(that was leaking air) went completely flat and necessitated a changing of the tire to the donut. Another reason that we felt this occurred was revealed when we arrived home. Scott went outside to find Skye because she was usually right there to greet us when we got home. He found that she had gotten her head stuck in an old hot cocoa container while we were gone. The kids had used it as a drum and unfortunately Skye decided that she wanted to play with it. Scott had to cut it off and he carried her to the porch, where she lay panting, eyes closed, tongue hanging out and completely drenched in her own saliva. He called the vet, only to find that there wasn't one for the week. The one in Unity recommended that we drive her to Saskatoon, but didn't offer any other advice. She honestly looked half dead and probably wouldn't have made it for a 2 and a half hour drive. Thankfully we prayed and God gave Scott the presence of mind to start cooling her down. We gave her water from a turkey baster and she started to open her eyes and respond little by little. She laid on the towel next to to the door for a couple hours, then wanted to go outside. You couldn't tell she'd been through a major ordeal by the next day. She's back to normal and running around like her old self. So thankful for answered prayer and reminding myself of that when she acts like a puppy and tears things apart:).

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