Wednesday, July 10, 2013


That's me these days. You should see me floors! Okay, so I don't really want you to see them, but I'm thinking ya get the picture:). On the other hand-I HAVEN'T THROWN UP! This is a first for me and this is my 6th pregnancy. I'm EXTREMELY thankful to the Lord for this. Praying through the rougher days and gaining strength from Him to get through the busier days. Nausea is still my "mostly constant" companion, but perhaps it's lessening a bit as we've passed the 12th week now.

The question I hear often is, "when can we find out if it's a boy or a girl?" To be honest I'd really like to tell the technician that we want to keep it a secret, but knowing the curious side of myself I'll probably cave and say "yes" when they ask if we want to know:).

We had almost non-stop company last month and started off with more at the beginning of July. We were blessed to have a singing group from Faithway College in Ajax, Ontario. We hosted the girls and a family from our church hosted the men. Elyssia was instantly drawn to them and declared that they'd be best friends forever:).

It's been quite hot here lately with only a 2 day break. I'm VERY thankful that I'm not at the other end of the pregnancy and swelling with the heat. I look forward to being able to keep warm at the beginning of winter with just the baby and a light coat! I find that, although I'm not a super big fan of winter, I'm definitely favouring spring and fall as my favourite seasons.

Just thought I'd write a bit so people know we're still alive and doing fairly well.

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