Thursday, July 18, 2013

Catching up...

Can you tell that I have a bit of extra time on my hands and a bit of energy:). I thought I might as well take advantage of it while the weather is too hot to do much else. Dreading turning on the oven to make supper tonight, but thinking that the enchiladas will be worth it!

Last week we had quite a bit of excitement. The kids found a water pool that had lots of tadpoles in it. Elyssia was concerned that it would dry up and the tadpoles would all die. This meant that she felt the need to rescue them... We now have about 10 tadpoles in a fish tank. Boiling lettuce to feed them until they turn into frogs and we can release them. One turned into a frog, but then apparently drowned. The second one we caught right at the turned into a frog stage and she released it today. Hoping it does well, but leaving it up to the Lord because it's a part of His creation and goes the way of all nature outside. Kinda neat to watch the gradual change as they lose their tails and grow the legs though:).

Last weekend brought the arrival of Kirk and Darlene! It was a good thing they brought books because we adults didn't seem to have a lot of energy for entertaining. They took turns reading and I think pretty much every book was read at least once:). Some of the musical books were confiscated after Addie decided that she liked to hear them non stop... Two of the kids fell asleep sitting with them in church Sunday morning and the big excitement was going to lunch at A&W afterwards. I think Kirk might have gotten Uncle of The Year vote from Garrison over that one:). Not to hard to know how to win that kid over though. He's definitely led by his stomach. Seems I can hardly keep any of the kids filled up for long this summer. Lots of activity outside this summer just keeps them coming back for more. Thankfully they love fruits and vegetables and the occasional popsicle is enough to rehydrate them on the really hot days.

Last week also brought something that we'd been praying for for a couple years now. A friend, diagnosed with Lou G's disease, got saved!!! We're SO thankful for this. The kids were especially concerned as they heard about him getting weaker. Caleb would ask weekly if he'd gotten saved yet, "cause we don't want him to die and go to Hell," he'd say. That's no longer a worry:). We pray that the time he has left down here is eased as far as the suffering is concerned and look forward to spending eternity in Heaven with him, where he will once again have his ability to speak! We've never seen anyone go through this disease before and it's truly one of the most unpleasant ways to die. Thankful that He has the Lord to walk the rest of the way with him from now on...

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